The Thunder Pole is powerful weapon from the game. You have to say spells to use it. The louder you say the spell, the stronger the attack.

Class - Melee+Ranged

Melee Attack - Knife, spring, and blade with curved side

Ranged Attack- Spells can Shoot Objects    

Owner Edit

Lyle Huggingson uses this weapon to bard leaks. His video game character Wizza also uses the Thunder Pole.

Powers Edit

The Thunder Pole can do many things. It can shoot out things by saying a spell.

It can also eject a blade at the bottom with a spring shooting out at the side and a miniature knife that makes it a close up weapon.


Ablyish, Cablyish - Disintegration Field

Kilauea - Lava Ball

Lanium Gaga - Reaveals Leaks' true Form with bolt of electricity

Resurrection Motokio - brings ghosts and spirits back to life

Flyis Stanare - Blue disc that makes thing hover

Olden Timesis Golden Timesis - Stack of Jars

Electriss Style Saaaaaaaa - Electricity

? - to the owner the staff return the evil hand that holds it burn

Pore Nai-A Boo-Gher Rayus - Blus

Allen Ripthis Borvis - Constructs Things

Get A Where - Fireball

Eyeiss - Green Zapper

Rock Savors Flac - Purple, Yellow and Red Splatter

Amaree La Ea Ell Ay - Hamster Ball

Trevoke Fumber Sasity - Force Field Bubble

Fir Sugana Calientay - Sets Things On Fire

Potty Breakus - Freezes Leaks

Combustable Husable - Fire Dodge Ball

Escidaddle Dacker - Electric Bolt

Belvis Smallmania - Blue Arrow That Turns Into a Blue Target

Six Six Bu (Incomplete) - Unknown

Haley's Vomit - Exploding Fireball/Comet (Haley's Vomit references to the famous comet Halley's Comet).

Gratefully Undeadicus - Detects Ghouls and Undead Leaks

Fujita Bonita - Pushes Leaks Back with a Gust of Wind

Arsay Duesa- Vanishes Doors

Roa Shay Jacksonous - Ice Block

Onomonpoeia Onomonofigalaya Go Davis Dohano Bean Buzz Botang Two Boy - Teleports things to you (lvl 90 spell)

Poshie More Wayo - Blue hand that pushes things

Flashes Shorhiss - Red and Yellow lightning bolt symbol

Lulla ByeBye - Unknown (Mentioned)

Jameson DueHadues -  Gently sends leaks back to the game

Creeping Doom Game Spells Edit

Boomy Trap - Portal that Explodes

Ka-Boom - Blue exploding Ball

Attracto Boom - Green Ball that Attracts Vines then explodes

Circus Berserkus

Design Edit


The Thunder Pole is a wavy black staff that looks like a lightning bolt with 4 turns. It has a diamond at the top with a blue octagon in the middle. On the top of the diamond it has a aqua green triangle. The sides each have one blue triangle and aqua green one. It has gold at the bottom with a blue semi-sphere at the end. It can eject a knife, spring, and blade. When this happens, the gold part gets longer.  

In GameEdit

It is a wavy purple staff that looks like a lightning bolt, but it has 3 turns. The top is the same, but the octagon is a circle. the bottom is also gold but has a full blue sphere. It can also eject the knife, blade, and spring, but the gold part does not get longer.
Thunder pole

Thunder Pole in Roblox