HQ is Neverfail's home base. They discuss leaks and store loot and weapons here. They once threw a party here that went very wrong. It is covered it graffiti. It is a warehouse called the Beta House (this is where Max stores his beta inventions that are in the beta form; Double Beta!!!).This was first shown in the episode "Headquarters" but shown in "Barbarian."

Contents Edit

Dinosaur With Jersey

Not the exact same dinosaur, but close enough

Small Dinosaur with Jersey

Booty Box

Toy Biplane

Squishy Sponges

Golden Head Statue

Video game devices

Giant Globe

Circle Engine (looks like a time machine)


Frosted Foolsball table

Foolsball Table

Video Game Booth



Half pipe (Skateboard Ramp)

Chalk board



Dart pad


Green Plane

Shark Head

Doll (in mouth of shark head)

Rainbow rider's boots


Flat Screen TV

Hover Bike

Conqueror of All Worlds 3D board game

Double Dash Dan

Frostor 550

Liquid Crystal TV

Lollipop Belt

Liquid Crystal TV Remote

Steel Holders

Silver Trophy

Talking Crow

Computer with Desk

Contents of Booty Box

Conqueror of All Worlds Decorated Door



Boxes and crates

Basket Ball Hoop



The Graffiti Art Edit

Dante-The name Dante on a yellow door

Beta House-The words Beta House on a wall

An Elf-A painting of an elf on a wall

Waves-Picture of waves

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