Thieving Thugs are the masters of ranged combats. They can shoot the long tooth of a dragon before it even wakes up. Their primary weapon is the Blast-a-Ton. In the Level Up Movie, Thieving Thugs have bone arms and shield on their backs. In the game Maldark: Conquerer of all Worlds, they don't.


HP: 250

MP: 20

Strength: 6

Range: 10

Magic: 4

Defense: 7


Zester - throws a saw/blade-type ammo.

The Clam - throws clams to the enemies.

Shlomo - throws hardcore needles to the enemies.

Snappers - throws mice traps to the enemies.

Tazeler - casts a lightning-type ammo.

Shields Up - harnesses mana to become invulnerable for a limited amount of time.

Enraged - uses mana to increase speed, firepower and attack speed.

Health Shot - adds life, subtracts mana. Fair trade.

M.B.F - unleashes a dog to go berserk on the enemies.

Bouncing Bomb - throws a bouncing bomb that does devastation.

Mini Nuke - throws a miniature nuclear missile.

Bullet Barrage - unleashes a barrage of rockets and bullets.

Known Thieving Thugs:

  • Black Death</li>
  • GreenDeath</li>

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