The arcane arts hold no secrets to the Sorcerer of Sorcery. Magic is their domain, although they're pretty strong with a staff too. Their primary weapon is the Thunder Pole. In the Level Up movie, the Thunder Pole has a crooked body, making it look more like a lightning bolt. But in the game, Maldark:Conquerer of all Worlds, they have a straight body. The louder they say a spell, the stronger the attack is.


HP: 275

MP: 30

Strength: 4

Range: 5

Magic: 10

Defense: 6


Malachi Punch - casts a fist of flame under the enemies.

Kilauea (Kill-Away-A) - throws a hot ball of molten lava on the enemies.

Electric Boogaloo - slaps the enemy with a shock of electricity.

Potty Breakus - freezes your enemies for a small amount of time.

Corn-Slow-Lio - shoots the enemy with a big ball of snow.

Heal-Arious - get some HP back, leave some mana. Fair trade.

Haley's Vomit - casts a meteor shower with no fire but with acid.

Nighty-Night - summons a cloud of sleeping gas over the enemies.

Franklin's Fury - sends down a strike of lightning on the enemies.

Fast and Furious - increases speed.

Fujita-Bonita - casts a tornado-like spell that hurls down enemies.

Blast-All - a heavy combo of offensive magic. Handle with care.

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