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The booty box is where Neverfail keeps all their loot. It is also known as the loot locker. When you open it, it glows with light. It is about the size of Dante, and the reason it holds so much is because it is... ENCHANTED. It is gray and brown. It has velvet coloring in the inside. The shape is a long pentagon.

The LootEdit


Mousian Venus Fly Trap - Plant with mouse traps

Thundering Triangle of Drimostan - A Triangle Instrument that makes sonic sounds

Everlasting Pencil of Boomfrickle - Pencil with jester hat that doesn't get shorter no matter how much you sharpen it

Fist of schoolage - Angie's weapon in glove form

Can Of Whoop Air - Soda Can on a golden-bladed launcher

Family Tree Axe - You hit someone in a family the whole family goes down

Charm Bracelet - a bracelet that boosts charm

Troll Repellent - Green pump

Sword of Anti-Per Spray - Face Wash Can Sword

Wand of Hazardous Flames - Flame Wand

Dragon Breath Mint - Box with gigantic mint

Rainbow Rider's Boots - Super speed boots

Mimlick- Lolipop that makes you sound like whoever you look at when you lick it

Skeleton Hand - N/A

Shell - N/A

Tree Limb - N/A

Transparent Chess Piece - N/A

Silver Tea Kettle - N/A

Hook - N/A

Bones - N/A

Antidote Bottle - N/A

Metal Claw - N/A

Iron Box - N/A