Blast-a-Ton 2.0 has the tube at the back but the nozzle is gray and bigger. The lever has a skull part a top of it. It is longer but a little smaller than blast a ton. The cylinder nozzle part of reg blast a ton is behind the gray part. It already has its selection panels labeled. It has pictures on they selection side along with the words. The back has a tube going around it. It has a bar at the bottom and makes users crazy with power.

class- ranged

melee attack - ???

ranged attack-projectile

Powers Edit

Explo-cañon 2.0

is a blast a ton 2.0

?= Unknown

()=not seen, only mentioned

@=blast a ton 2.0 episode

  • Unknown: @ - Brings things to life
  • UV-Ray Ray: @ - Sun Ray
  • Gas Knuckles: @ - Smelly Gas Fist
  • Unknown: @ - Fireworks
  • Unknown: @ - Beach Ball
  • Snake Bombs: @ () - ?
  • Motta Sumess Revenge: @ () - ?
  • Wave Bazooka: @ () - ?
  • Marrow Masher: @ () - ?
  • Chicken Feathers:

The Carmaggedon is not real. It is what Wyatt called an attack. If you look closely, under the BAER'S DINER sign there is a red classic car statue on the wall. Wyatt shot it (with some circles) and a ghost car came out. Thus, it brought the statue to life.