Blast a ton is a powerful weapon. There are many things it shoots out, but most have unknown names. Some have been named, but it is unknown what it is. This is the list.


Tazeler is in the real game. It says it is lightning bullets, but could be lightning. The electric bolt is also lightning, so this is unknown. It is labeled in Barbarian.

Electric Bolt is probably the lightning. However, tazeler could also be lightning so this is unknown. It was labeled in the movie when Wyatt suckerpunced Bart, so this is most likely the lightning. It is labeled in Barbarian.

Dog is the demon dog. In the game it is labeled as M.B.F. In the game. It is labeled "DOG" when Wyatt suckerpunced Bart and in Barbarian.

M.B.F. is the in-game name of the dog.

Zester is labeled in the Barbarian episode. It is only seen in the game, it is a circular saw blade.

Schlomo may be a misspelling of Shlomo. It is labeled in barbarian. This is spelled different from Shlo-mo, which is very weird.

Shlomo is the in game name of the slow motion darts.

Shlo-mo is the name of the slo-mo darts. It was labeled in sole provider. It is different from the in game name which is ordinary. However it is different from schlomo. These are the same, just different names, which is weird.

Confetti is the ribbons in the movie. In barbarian in is labeled in the red paper, but in sole provider in is labeled in green, AND the shlo-mos are labeled wrong, which is very strange.

XOl'!!! is labeled in barbarian. This is not a word so it is very confusing.

Snappers is the mouse traps from the movie. In the barbarian episode all the things are actually labeled. However, snappers isn't there or in sole provider. It is only labeled in the game.

Aux was labeled in barbarian. It is most likely a radio thing.

Suckerpunch is the boxing glove used by Wyatt to kill Bart. It was labeled in Barbarian and in the movie.